Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good Afternoon Folks

My hummingbird's favorite bush.
Why he's trying to get the nectar while the flower's closed is beyond me

Close  your mouths, I know you're shocked that I'm actually posting something to this blog.

I do apologize for my helter skelter blog posts.

Not to make excuses, well hell, yes I am. I've been under the weather over here around the corner from you.

I have such a laundry list of ailments but, I won't bother you with the details. Suffice it to say I'm up and running for now.

We've got new neighbors who've moved in. I must say I was a tad bit worried about who was moving in. This isn't an upscale neighborhood but we aren't slum ghetto either.

It only takes one family to move in and make a nicely quiet and pleasant street turn into hell on earth. So far the  new neighbors are quiet.

I always say a good neighbor is a neighbor you NEVER hear and rarely see. So far so good. 

I know I posted a picture of my hummingbirds in the previous post. I just wanted to add that I find it funny that my hummers seem to show up in August and September. I know that they'll migrate south at the middle of September or the end. So, I'm wondering where they've been June and July.

Oh, I forgot to mention: last month I was coming home from the store. When I turned down my street there was a swat team fully dressed staking out a neighbor's house.

Needless to say my mouth dropped open. I slowed down to a crawl  and wondered if I should duck.

Nothing happened, no gun shots, no people being dragged out and thrown to the ground.  I can't tell you what the hoopla was about we didn't see a thing.

Well that's it for now, till next time...


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