Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Morning Good People!

A stray...isn't he beautiful.

I hope this finds everyone doing well.

I spent the morning outside chopping bush branches -- I wore myself out. I have a couple of Rose-of-Sharon bushes, a lovely Rose bush, Morning Glories and of course my Four O'Clocks . The Hummingbirds really like the Four O'Clocks.

The neighbor kids were outside with the puppies, they all are just adorable.

There are stray cats running loose in the neighborhood. I feel bad for them. I wish people would just not get pets if they're not going to take of them.

Cats shouldn't be allowed to freely roam. Neither should dogs. Animals don't know any better and they depend on us to take care of them. I love animals so, I get irritated with people who mistreat them.

Never do I feed stray cats. Why? Well because when you leave food out other critters come to eat too.

Raccoons like cat food. The only problem with raccoons is they get into everything. They will tear up everything but, most importantly they do carry rabies. You don't want your family pets to come in contact with a rabid raccoon.

As a matter of fact you don't want your dog or cat to have a run in with a raccoon because they just might loose the battle.

But some people abandon their pets and that just pisses me off.

I think the cat above was abandoned because he's not afraid of people. So, that tells me he's been domesticated.

Poor thing looked hungry.

Hey, would you like a-cup-a-joe it'll warm you up. It got cold last night, down in the 50s. That's too cold for the end of August. I wonder if this means an early winter.

I sure hope this doesn't mean a bad winter-- I hate the cold.  

Football season's here...who are you rooting for?


  1. Raccoons can get themselves into a lot of messes. We can't blame them because they're hungrey. They carry other dideases too. Beware the feces if you seen and black gobs around. During my career as an animal control officer I've had to rescue many that got themselves caught and couldn't get loose or been sick and needed help. You can read about my adventures with raccoons and lots of other wild and domestic creatures in my new book "Unleashed- Memories From a Career in Animal Control" available now at

    I'm rooting for the New England Patriots.

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