Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey How Are You?

Ophelia the Opossum

Roger the Ruby Throat

Me, things are just as wacky as before.

Lynda Jr. called me yesterday. She wanted to share what happened at her court hearing. You remember, she had me do all that typing of "court papers" for her.

I couldn't make out much of what she was saying. I caught the words/phrases -- conspiracy, illegal, not competent, well, you get the drift.

I asked her what was the Judge's judgment and she said "I don't know". I said "What do you mean you don't know?" I wouldn't have left that court room without a judgment.

Now, she thinks someone is following her.

She really needs to stay away from the booze and pain killers. Her brain is fried!

How's things going with you?

I'm glad summer is around the corner. Roger the Ruby Throat should be back soon.

How'd ya like the picture of Ophelia? A mug only a mother could love.

Well, breakfast time, would you like to stay? Blueberry pancakes are on the menu...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goodmorning Sunshine!


MOONLIGHT caught by my cell phone camera.

Come on in, sit, sit! Coffee?

Isn't this a gorgeous day. The sun is shining bright, your Beagle with his rollie pollie self, is bellowing at the birds.

Have you noticed that there's quite a bit of nature traffic in these parts? I couldn't believe it when I saw a Ground Hog sunning himself on my backyard deck.

I wasn't sure how I felt when the Hawk banged up against my house catching one of my little birds. Well, as they say, the cycle of life is in constant motion.

Columbus is a big city. Acre-wise, it spreads out more than most big cities. You can tell that back in the day it was a huge farmland area.

Remember the Lyndy-twins I spoke about earlier? Well...they came back. Much to my chagrin. Lynda Jr. is under the impression that I'm her personal assistant or office manager.

No, I'm not, I was being nice typing up her paper work. If she's crazy enough to represent herself in court well...I tried to help her out.

Anyway, what makes her think that she's going to get half that man's money? They didn't live together as man and wife [and wanted me to lie and say they did] so, what does she think she's entitled too.

You know, those two are sneaky as boll-weevils in a cotton field.

How are things with you and your family? Are the kids working? I know I shouldn't call them kids but, you did spit them out so no matter how old they are they're still your kids.

Mine? Well, he's actually in school now. It's about time! He's going on 30 years old and now decides what he wants to do in life.

I'm wondering if I dropped him on his head too much. I've said it before and I'll say it again, his lights are on but nobody's home.

Okay, it's time to get out and do some spring clean-up. I'm thinking about planting a hummingbird garden. My hummer should be back sometime at the end of May.

Be talk'n to ya.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hello Neighbor!

Did you miss me? I've been pretty busy these last couple of days. Busy and aggravated.

Since I moved down here to Columbus I feel as if I've entered another dimension, you know like the Twilight Zone where everything, everyone is off kilter.

People down here seem to have a different twist on the definition of logic. Their logic in no way coincides with mine.

For instance, I have an acquaintance, I refuse to call her a friend. Who comes to me to ask for help. Sometimes it's advice, or she'll need a pack of smokes, you get my meaning.

Any way, she comes to me for help and I freely give, as best I can, the help requested.

Well the other day I needed help. My car is broken down and I needed to run down to the computer store on Main Street. It take five minutes to get there by car.

I called my friend and asked if she would take me.

She said "Sure I'll take you" then said "I'll be over after I'm down shopping". Well, guess what, that was four days ago.

The way I was raised, if you don't want too or can't do what you say you're going to do, TELL the person NO, I can't. Don't leave them hanging waiting around for you.

She's not the only one like that and it mystifies me.

Well any how, how've you been. Spring seems to have sprung. I can't wait to get out and start planting. I want to make my yard Hummingbird friendly.

I have a Ruby Throat Hummer, who visits regularly during the summer. He let me walk right up on him and didn't flinch.

Okay, I'll talk at you later. Stay safe. You do know that home invasions are up.

Here, take some Chocolate Cookies with you. They're fresh out of the oven.

Oh and if you like Yanni, he's coming to the Convention Center sometime in June. His music is different but, I find it soothing.

Yes, that's right, not all Black people like that rap crap. Give me Beethoven or Bach any day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Morning Neighbor

How are you this fine sunny morning?

It's a bit chilly out but, the sun is shining bright and nature's chorus is loudly in tune.

Robbie Raccoon was running a bit late this chilly dawn. He scampered across the yard, seemed in a big hurry to get home.

I wasn't quick enough to run out and get a picture of him. Even when they hop-along they're still faster than I am.

I don't know about you but, I do prefer my four legged neighbors more than I do my two legged ones.

I know, I know, I'm a bit anti-social. It's a learned attitude. I learned it quickly when I moved down here to Columbus. I'm not too impressed with anything that walks up-right and talks. They tend to say and do too many things that rub sane people the wrong way.

Hey, last night, did your lights go out?


I didn't think so. When my electricity popped off, I went to the door to see if the rest of you lost yours. It was strange. My house seemed to be the only one without power.

Your lights were on. My neighbors to the left and to the right of me, their lights were on.

I thought it was strange. I reset the breaker but, that didn't help.

I called the electric company and they said that they were getting reports of power outages in our area.

Funny you all weren't affected.

It took the electricians 5 hours to get to our street. Can you believe that, 5 hours!

I heard all this rumbling and roaring on the street announcing that they were finally here which, was a little after midnight. It only took them about half an hour or so to get us back up and running.

Oh well, go figure.

Would you like a cup-a-jo? Sit down while I get it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

going, Going, GONE!




Hey there!

It's your neighbor, yes I'm right there in the house across from you.

Or, I'm down the street and around the corner.

I got up this morning and was feeling pretty fine. It's kind of cloudy and looks like rain in the forecast.

I love living on my street. It's quiet. The neighbors are great. They're great because I never hear them and rarely see them. Definitely the makings of a great quiet neighborhood.

As I said I woke up feeling pretty good. 'Cept'n, I thought about those two Lyndas, you know the ones I wrote about earlier. They've got me typing up papers for court. Yes, Jr. really is going to try and represent her self.

What's that old saying "the person who represents him/herself has a lawyer for a fool"
Need I say more!

Oh well, I'd rather think about breakfast right now. Then I'll tackle the Lynda's task later.

You know, I'm wondering.

When people have a nice little house and a nice backyard, why must they sit out in the front on a little patch of cement at their front door?

What's wrong with the back patio? I personally think people who behave like this, have no sense of decorum, no sense of class, just plain ghetto backwards.

Am I being snooty or snobbish. If I am -- oh well, that's what I think.

Back to food. I'm feeling like bacon and eggs this morning. I just have to remember when I'm done cooking I better get my plate or there'll be none left for the cook.

We're talking piggish here!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Excitement For Us Today

Columbus Ohio

President Obama at CPD Recruit Graduation

President Obama came to Columbus to attend the graduation of police recruits.

Mayor Colman had put in a request for help from the stimulus package and received monies. With that money the City can now pay the new recruits.

Talk about excitement. My best friend was beside herself. She acted as if she'd just won the lottery.

I told her "why don't you try to go down and see him" She said "We can't get any where near downtown"

She's right, security was tighter than a cemented fist. Roads were blocked at least a mile in all four directions. I'm so glad the City of Columbus is able to pay for more police. Crime here is terrible.

These low-lifes are now breaking and entering in broad day light with people home.

Talk about nerve!

I'm glad I have Bessie and her sisters "9M". I also have Bessie's younger cousin "Bobby Club". My son has met Bobby quite a few times.

Makes me wonder..."Did any of these criminals ever received a good old fashioned butt whoop'n!"

I Now Understand....


Some species eat their young.

I look at my child, yes he's grown but, he's still my child, and wonder why the "lights are on but nobody's home!"

A Neighborhood Saga

There's someone like me near you. Just saunter down the tree-lined street and turn the corner. I'm that someone living in the house across the road, one much like your own.

Today is my birthday and I thought this would be a good day to start another blog. I've got a couple of other blogs but this one will be a bit more personal.

My friend Lynda just dropped me off. She was nice enough to take me out for a birthday breakfast.

Now, I'm back and sitting in front of my computer munching Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.

Munching helps me think.

Doesn't it you?

It doesn't!

What helps you think, smoking? One stick after another? How about tugging on your ear or scratching your head. Something must get your thought processes going.

Well, let me get back to Lynda; she's a dear friend but, I must say she, and her daughter [who's name is also Lynda] is a real piece of work.

Don't get me wrong, she's the type of person, that once you get to know her, she'd give you the shirt off her back. The problem is getting to know her.

Bobbsie- Lyns [Lynda and Lynda] have secrets. I mean deep-dark-inquiring-minds want to know secrets.

I know, I know, all people have secrets but, these two would have Mrs. Fletcher or Magnum P.I. getting out their shovels and magnifying glasses.

It seems that Lynda Jr. was/is married. What's surprise me, and everyone else who knows them, is that Lynda Sr. says she didn't know her daughter was married.

Come on!

How does a Mother not know her child is married?

Jr. says she's been married for about ten years. She hasn't live with her husband for the past six. Now she wants to divorce him. Seems he's living with another woman and wants to marry her.

Pretty cut and dry right?

Now, comes the sneaky part. Lynda and Lynda I mean.

Sr. called me and wanted me to sign an affidavit stating that I had seen Jr's. soon to be ex. over at the house. They want to show that they were a real married couple. Meaning they've been living together as man and wife.

I've never seen the man! Sr. said "yes you have" I said "no I haven't" Sr. "yes you have" me, "no I haven't". It got started to get ugly.

I'd remember if I had seen the man before. She wanted me to lie. Sr. knew darn well I'd never laid eyes on that man.

Jr. says her soon to be ex. promised to pay her alimony for the rest of her life. She also wants half of his retirement. She claims that they wrote up a document four years ago stating he would follow through with these promises. She says that they went before the notary and had this alleged document notarized.

When it came time to go to court a few weeks ago, Jrs. lawyers didn't file this notarized document with the court. So of course she didn't get what she claims was promised.

To shorten this new saga, Jr. fired two lawyers and is now representing herself. She's going to court next week.

There will be more to this story and when I feel like untangling their web of intrigue again, I'll write more.

Till then, look for me, I'll be walking the dog or raking the yard.