Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Won't Stand For Abuse!

Hello neighbors, I hope this finds you in a better mood than I am.

I can't stand men who think that they have a right to hit a woman because she doesn't conform to his every whim!.

This kind of attitude shouldn't be tolerated by any woman, not one.

Abusers only abuse the women who won't rear up and knock their heads off.

Does any of you remember Farrah Fawcett's movie "The Burning Bed?"  or do you remember Lorena Bobbit  [she had the right idea] chopping her husbands weenie off!

I'm sorry, I know violence isn't the answer, but sometimes you don't have a choice.

My best friend's daughter was abused yesterday. I couldn't get there in time enough with Bessie, my club. Rest assured, I would have whooped his ass for laying a finger on her just because he couldn't have his way.

This boy-man doesn't, work which means he doesn't contribute to the household.

Now grant it, it's her fault for allowing him to lay up in her apartment and letting him  think he's some kind of "black" Adonis and God's gift to woman-kind.

I'm here to tell her and every other woman on earth: NO PIECE OF PECKER is worth loosing your self respect!   None! Nada! Zilch!

Do you ladies here me! I am SCREAMING!  this from the top of my lungs.

Do NOT think that the value of your self worth is based on having a man around. It isn't. 

There is nothing wrong with being by yourself.

If you get lonely for male company fine, go out with someone then send him on his merry way. Don't just jump into a relationship when you know nothing about the man.

Men will tell you anything in order to get what they want. Now a days so many can't find jobs so, they look for a woman [usually with kids] who has just a little bit of something and get her to let him move in.

Younger ladies with children who don't work, usually are  have government assistance. These ladies are the ones who are the prime targets.

She gets food stamps, government assisted housing and other assistance. So, some lazy, low life, gutter trash, thinks: Wow  I've got me a mark, I'll sweet talk and woo her so she'll let me move out of my Momma's house into hers.

Then after the honeymoon phase is over and the lady realizes that the bum won't look for a job or can't keep a job, THEN  things turn ugly and abusive.

Well, guess what, now she's got a problem. He's thinking he's King of the castle. He's thinking she's his Momma only with her he gets to poke his pecker when ever he wants [he probably can't do that right either].

Tell me something ladies -- is all that worth it? I  don't think so.

If you get that  lonely or [excuse my bluntness] that  horny -- buy a toy with extra batteries!  Don't sell your self-respect to the devil and live with an abuser. 

You are not a bunching bag. You are not a sparring dummy. You are not to be choked, kicked, spit on or slapped by ANYONE!

Do you all hear me!

Look in the mirror and tell yourself: "I'm beautiful, I'm a good person, I deserved to be treated like a Queen."

Don't take any crap from any body. I mean it, don't you dare lay down and be a door mat for anyone. 

My house is a one woman Queendom and there is no room for a King -- this is how I CHOOSE to live and I LOVE IT!

Now, you all go make the right choice for yourself and your children.

Don't let  yourself down. . .  

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