Monday, October 5, 2009

Greetings From Down The Street!

How's eveybody doing?

Look at the pictures I found of my  baby ===> 

He's 2 years old in these pictures. Now, he's 28! Man! did time fly!

Here's a picture my Dad sent me. He went to a seminar where Judge Toler spoke. You know Judge Toler -- Divorce Court on T.V.

He's so proud! 

Me, I'm doing great.

Went to the VA doctor the other day and all my test game back great.

I'll tell ya,  Diabetes is no joke. When your sugar is uncontrolled all kinds of nasty things happen. No, I'm not talking about just threats of heart attacks or strokes or blindness.

You can break out in blisters and large bumps that burst. It's gross and no fun.

Any way enough of the yuck.

Have you ever looked for something in a place where you know you put it then, when you go to get it -- it's not there!

Well, I've been looking for a Cheerleading picture I know I had from High School and can't find it. I've been going buggy looking for that picture.

I found my best friend from High School on Classmates dot com. We found out that she lives down here near me. Of course we got together for a brunch and I wanted to take that picture to show her.

Wouldn't you know, I can't find the darn thing.

She looks like she did in High School. Yes, a little older but, she doesn't have the white stuff all through her hair like I do.

It was so good seeing her. Now we're together again. We won't break out into a cheer or anything like that -- I'd throw something out of whack if I did.

We talked about kids and other people from out graduating class. It's amazing how time flies!

Now we're in touch on Facebook too.

So, what have you guys been up to this past week?

Did you hear about the old lady who beat a fawn to death? A baby deer, I can't believe. . .

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