Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey How's it Going...

GORGEOUS FLOWERS...aren't they!

Here, well the roofers are here to make noise.

So, when you get here park on the street they have a dumpster in my driveway.  

I'm truly blessed to have a Landlord that cares about his properties. So many of the Landlords in Columbus are flat out "SLUM LORDS" which, irks to me to no end.

They just wait around with their hands out for the rent check and never, I mean never, put money back into their properties.

I understand that some tenants are garbage and tear up the residence but, I place partial blame on the LLs because they aren't interested in putting quality tenants in their buildings.

Since Ohio is considered a LandLord state they get away with renting out slum buildings.

I came from a place like that. My old LL were okay, they kept our building up very nice but, the surrounding buildings were owned by "SLUM LORDS" The only people they would put in their buildings were "hood-rats" you know the people I mean, the ones who's vocabulary only consisted one syllable words and have tons of bay-bay kids running loose in the neighborhood. 

I'm sorry but I don't put up with bay-bay kids. They know me as the "mean-lady" who goes after uneducated and socially bankrupt parents. 

Hey, live how you want but, don't force your lifestyle down my throat I have NO problem regurgitating it right back at you.

So, how are you today. I'm a bit tired. I went shopping yesterday and as you know doing a lot of walking wears me out. My hips and legs let me know under no uncertain terms that I did too much.

I find that shopping for the whole month is the best way to go for me. If I shop for a week at a time I never buy enough food and wind up running out at the end of the month. 

Did you see the show Cops the other night? I'm tell'n ya some of these people that they stop are dumb, dumb, DUMB! This one man they stopped said he was on his way to work. They Cop asked him "well...if you're on your way to work why are you pants on backwards" I howled!

Needless to say the man was drunker than a skunk!

I really can't stand drunks. They hurt other people and don't realize it. Never ever, drink and drive. If you must drink STAY HOME!

Alright, enough for now, I'm off to my girlfriends house, she's babysitting her granddaughter.

I get to go get some slobbery kisses from a gorgeous five month old.

Till next time...see ya later alligator after a while crocodile!

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