Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hello Neighbor!

Did you miss me? I've been pretty busy these last couple of days. Busy and aggravated.

Since I moved down here to Columbus I feel as if I've entered another dimension, you know like the Twilight Zone where everything, everyone is off kilter.

People down here seem to have a different twist on the definition of logic. Their logic in no way coincides with mine.

For instance, I have an acquaintance, I refuse to call her a friend. Who comes to me to ask for help. Sometimes it's advice, or she'll need a pack of smokes, you get my meaning.

Any way, she comes to me for help and I freely give, as best I can, the help requested.

Well the other day I needed help. My car is broken down and I needed to run down to the computer store on Main Street. It take five minutes to get there by car.

I called my friend and asked if she would take me.

She said "Sure I'll take you" then said "I'll be over after I'm down shopping". Well, guess what, that was four days ago.

The way I was raised, if you don't want too or can't do what you say you're going to do, TELL the person NO, I can't. Don't leave them hanging waiting around for you.

She's not the only one like that and it mystifies me.

Well any how, how've you been. Spring seems to have sprung. I can't wait to get out and start planting. I want to make my yard Hummingbird friendly.

I have a Ruby Throat Hummer, who visits regularly during the summer. He let me walk right up on him and didn't flinch.

Okay, I'll talk at you later. Stay safe. You do know that home invasions are up.

Here, take some Chocolate Cookies with you. They're fresh out of the oven.

Oh and if you like Yanni, he's coming to the Convention Center sometime in June. His music is different but, I find it soothing.

Yes, that's right, not all Black people like that rap crap. Give me Beethoven or Bach any day.

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