Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey How Are You?

Ophelia the Opossum

Roger the Ruby Throat

Me, things are just as wacky as before.

Lynda Jr. called me yesterday. She wanted to share what happened at her court hearing. You remember, she had me do all that typing of "court papers" for her.

I couldn't make out much of what she was saying. I caught the words/phrases -- conspiracy, illegal, not competent, well, you get the drift.

I asked her what was the Judge's judgment and she said "I don't know". I said "What do you mean you don't know?" I wouldn't have left that court room without a judgment.

Now, she thinks someone is following her.

She really needs to stay away from the booze and pain killers. Her brain is fried!

How's things going with you?

I'm glad summer is around the corner. Roger the Ruby Throat should be back soon.

How'd ya like the picture of Ophelia? A mug only a mother could love.

Well, breakfast time, would you like to stay? Blueberry pancakes are on the menu...

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