Saturday, March 7, 2009

Excitement For Us Today

Columbus Ohio

President Obama at CPD Recruit Graduation

President Obama came to Columbus to attend the graduation of police recruits.

Mayor Colman had put in a request for help from the stimulus package and received monies. With that money the City can now pay the new recruits.

Talk about excitement. My best friend was beside herself. She acted as if she'd just won the lottery.

I told her "why don't you try to go down and see him" She said "We can't get any where near downtown"

She's right, security was tighter than a cemented fist. Roads were blocked at least a mile in all four directions. I'm so glad the City of Columbus is able to pay for more police. Crime here is terrible.

These low-lifes are now breaking and entering in broad day light with people home.

Talk about nerve!

I'm glad I have Bessie and her sisters "9M". I also have Bessie's younger cousin "Bobby Club". My son has met Bobby quite a few times.

Makes me wonder..."Did any of these criminals ever received a good old fashioned butt whoop'n!"

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