Sunday, March 8, 2009

going, Going, GONE!




Hey there!

It's your neighbor, yes I'm right there in the house across from you.

Or, I'm down the street and around the corner.

I got up this morning and was feeling pretty fine. It's kind of cloudy and looks like rain in the forecast.

I love living on my street. It's quiet. The neighbors are great. They're great because I never hear them and rarely see them. Definitely the makings of a great quiet neighborhood.

As I said I woke up feeling pretty good. 'Cept'n, I thought about those two Lyndas, you know the ones I wrote about earlier. They've got me typing up papers for court. Yes, Jr. really is going to try and represent her self.

What's that old saying "the person who represents him/herself has a lawyer for a fool"
Need I say more!

Oh well, I'd rather think about breakfast right now. Then I'll tackle the Lynda's task later.

You know, I'm wondering.

When people have a nice little house and a nice backyard, why must they sit out in the front on a little patch of cement at their front door?

What's wrong with the back patio? I personally think people who behave like this, have no sense of decorum, no sense of class, just plain ghetto backwards.

Am I being snooty or snobbish. If I am -- oh well, that's what I think.

Back to food. I'm feeling like bacon and eggs this morning. I just have to remember when I'm done cooking I better get my plate or there'll be none left for the cook.

We're talking piggish here!

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