Friday, September 4, 2009

Brownie says...

"I'm getting to old for this"

 "Me too -- daaahlink"

My poor old man is 15 years old and so is Princess.

Did you hear all the banging and clanging coming from my house?

It was the roofers. My LandLord had a new roof put on. Later on this week he's having new gutters put on.

I just love my LL. They're great people.

In fact, I love this street. Most of the houses are well kept and the lawns are manicured. It's nice living in a descent neighborhood -- don't you think? 

But, poor Brownie and Princess, they didn't like all the noise. Princess [my cat] hid under the bed but, Brownie [poor guy] is way to big to crawl under there.

Well, my son James is discouraged. He spent quite a bit of time going to school learning to be a Certified Medical Assistant. When he went to do his externship he got a shock.

The people there weren't too nice. In fact they were just plain old mental midget bigots.

I really hate to inform the bigots of the world but, not everyone with dark skin has a single digit IQ. Honest we don't!

Yes, indeed mental, social, and moral bankruptcy has NO color or racial boundaries. They all have an idiot or two or three or four or...

It's a shame-- isn't it. America is the greatest country in the world but, still seems to be the most racist. Yes, we've got a country full of knuckle-dragging morons.

Well, to a nicer subject -- sorta.

I met a lady in Walmart the other day. She told me how she had lost 103lbs. She's diabetic like I am and her Doctor told her if she'd loose the weight it would help her diabetes.

She lost the weight and looks fabulous. She was very uplifting.

Yes, I know, I've got to watch what I eat. Not only watch but eat in moderation.

You know, I really do hate measuring out food and reading labels.

Speaking of reading labels. I learned that even though a product says it's low in fat and calories doesn't mean it's low in sugar. As a matter of fact low-fat products seem to have MORE sugar than the regular.

Really, I'm not kidding. Taste 1% Milk, it tastes sweeter than 2% or whole milk. Also, low-fat salad dressing has more sugar than the regular,  I was really surprised.

So,why don't you come on  in and sit a while. l'm making sausage and waffles for breakfast. Yes, I can have waffles [only two] with sugar free syrup which, doesn't taste bad at all.

It sure is gorgeous out today. Did you hear about...

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