Friday, September 11, 2009

Reminiscing about the day America Cried.

 No, We Will Not Forget

Good morning dear friend, Where are your thoughts today?

Me, I'm just remembering where I was, what I was doing and what I was thinking on "Black Tuesday"  the day America cried.

That day seems almost like yesterday.

I was up at Kent State sitting in my car studying for a test. The radio was tuned to WNIR [my favorite talk station] when, there was a news bulletin -- "a plane just crashed into one of the twin towers" the newscaster said.  Read More

I remember thinking "what idiot got so close to the tower that they couldn't pull away"  thinking further on " that's a shame I know people died, due to someones stupidity"

After these two quick thoughts, I turned my attention back to the test I was going to take in about an hour.

When, about half an hour later, another breaking news story came across -- "The other tower was up in flames"  It was then I knew something was terribly wrong. An hour so later...the pentagon.

It was then the military in me knew, just knew that America was under attack. I remember thinking, I had talked my son into joining the military. And, right now he's up at boot-camp.

Then the guilt stabbed me in the heart. My only child was at boot-camp and we're just about to go to war. 

Like I said, the military in me knew this was the next logical and strategical step. And after all we had a cowboy as President and th'm-thar-doggies, don't take things lying down.

Now hush, don't tell anyone but, I knew what his reaction was going to be and I actually agreed with President Bush this one time.

Well, I went home and turned on the T.V. and just cried.  I remember by evening everyone in America knew what had happened.

I had a friend from Uganda. She couldn't understand why Americans were so upset. You see, our transplanted Americans [people who have come to America within the last fifty or so years. Don't understand that America has never been attacked on our home soil. Many of these people have been through things like this on a regular basis in their mother lands. Therefore it's hard for them to imagine a country where such terrorism isn't common place.

They've forgotten that this is one of the reasons why they came to America. This is a country where car bombings, bombings of any kind is a very, rare occurrence.

This is why I thank God I live in America. 

Don't you remember that day? Where were you ? What were you thinking?

By that time most Americans and the world knew what had happened. The deafening silence humbled me to the core. It seemed as if the birds went into mourning and the trees stood reverential as if they too were ready to weep. Never, ever, had I heard or felt such eerie silence.

I still mist up remembering that day. The day America put all her internal problems [ bigotry, bipartisanship, hate and any other animosity] aside and just..."cried"

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