Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Monday Already!

Wow! The weekend just flew by!

How are you this gorgeous morning?

Me, I'm doing just fine and dandy!

I just got back from the eye Doctor. Needless to say, I'm half blind!. With my Diabetes and Sjogrens Syndrome I stay at the eye Doctors more than usual.

One thing about the VA, they have taken wonderful care of me.

Look at this picture^^ see how far away I was when I took it.That's how far I had to walk. Now, you know, my legs and hips don't work!

Isn't that a nice building. They just built it last year for the Veterans. It still isn't a full functioning hospital, it's ambulatory, but it's better than the small clinic we were in. 

I still can't figure out why Columbus,  the capital of Ohio, doesn't have a full fledged hospital? That just boggles my mind.

It's a good thing that the VA provides those modified gulf carts to come around and pick up people to take them to and from the building. I told the man:

"I almost went home because I couldn't find a parking spot!"

That's all I would need is to fall down out there in front of everyone.

You do know, I have done just that! 


I've never told you that I'm a disabled Veteran. Oops, must have slipped my mind.

Yes, I am. I've been around the world twice. I've lived in Turkey, Germany and Korea. I've visited Italy, Greece, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Litchenstein, and Austria.

World traveler -- that's me!  I'll have to find some pictures and show them to you.

Yesterday, I actually cooked a meal that was pretty tasty. That's right, NO charcoal crispy meat. It was pretty good, if I don't say so myself.

We had roast and potatoes, and broccoli with cheese.

I use these spices

 Here's everything I use

 Here's the finished product -- No burn or scorch marks!

My son thought he'd died and gone to heaven, not a burnt spot anywhere!

So, how's your morning been?

My Uncle's funeral was this morning, I'm going to have to call and see how things went.

I hope my Aunt Ola, didn't get ugly. She's special that way. She doesn't like anything or anybody and doesn't have a problem letting people know that.

I think everyone has someone like that in their family -- don't you?

Sorry, no coffee this morning, I stopped by Speedway before my appointment. Then it was off to TeeJay's after the appointment.

I had a chance to read the Dispatch...

They're still focusing on the young girl who ran away from home because she thought her parents were going to kill her.

What do you think about that, me well...

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